Who We Are

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make the world better for everyone by helping the best-in-class technologies succeed in the marketplace.

At Aegis Creek, we are focused on making the world a better place by helping the best technology succeed in the marketplace. The fact is that many great technologies never transform into products or if they do, arrive late to market, and thus never gain significant market share. Our team is a mix of technologists and entrepreneurs with several decades of combined experience leveraging government to fund technology development. We specialize in translation from ideation to execution.

About Us

Aegis Creek is a premier management consulting firm with a focus on helping technologists build high-value product strategies and leverage government funding to retire risks and increase enterprise value. 

Early on, we realized that the process of obtaining government funding mirrors the venture capital fundraising process and can be a significant multiplier of enterprise value and founder’s equity if properly leveraged. We can help you leverage the government fundraising process to create strategic value and bring in no-strings money from the government to fund retirement of development risks for everything; from proving basic technical and scientific concepts, to prototyping, to subsidizing manufacturing facility investments. 


Let us help you turn your technology ideas into products while making your firm more valuable, extending your runway, and making the most valuable investors in your company truly excited to work with you. 

Our Core Values

Our values include Honest Transparency, Dedicated Focus on Understanding your Technology, Lifetime Love of Learning, Excited Exploration of Technology Markets and Product Opportunities, and a Passion for Making Our Clients Successful.